Well-made tools last longer, feel good and perform better. Seasoned pros know that cheap tools cost more money in the long run. They don’t work as well, they break more often and hurt on-the-job productivity and efficiency. Savvy pros invest in better gear, and maximize their return on investment by choosing tools that are durable, comfortable and functional. 

Cat® tool bags and backpacks are built to meet the endless demands of harsh environments and hard-working pros who earn a living with tools. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve invested in a toolbag that will stay stronger, last longer and look good doing it.

With heavy-duty materials and rugged construction, Cat® tool bags and backpacks protect your tool investment every minute of your workday. Go ahead and stuff them to the gills with the tools and gear you need – they’re built to take the abuse.

The best tools just feel right. They have the right balance, feel and size. And like a favorite pair of boots or gloves, great tools are comfortable. They’re the tools you take on every job, the ones you reach for first.

Cat® tool bags and backpacks are built with comfort in mind. Because carrying more tools with less fatigue boosts efficiency and productivity. Plus, having more energy at the end of the workday is a good thing. You’re climbing stairs and ladders, riding in cages, walking to the job site. Your tools are coming with you, so why not make trip a little easier with Cat® tool bags and backpacks? 

A tool can be durable and comfortable, but if it’s not functional, it won’t make the cut. Efficiency is about completing tasks fast and right, and that’s where functional tools shine. Cat® tool bags and backpacks are designed for maximum efficiency. Less return trips to the truck, trailer or shop for missing tools, less time sorting through overstuffed bags to find that tool.  More time working and making more money.